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Who am I

My name is Sven Braem. I’ve always had an interest in health, like most people you could say. Who doesn’t want to be healthy, right? Yet following the dietary guidelines, lots of vegetables, some fruit, low fat, primarily oils from plant origins I was slipping away from health so I turned my general health focus into a personal health focus. I needed to fix myself.

This is the point where my interest and knowledge went up exponentially and found a lot of unsettled and contrary ‘science’. Science in brackets because it are not always hard facts, there is sufficient ideology, negligence and outright manipulation to support a personal agenda and unfortunately it finds its way into the public.

I want to share with you my discoveries, to get this information out and, who knows, may help out others providing an alternative to fixing your own health which doesn’t improve despite following the guidelines. Knowing how things work, you can come up with ways to influence it to benefit your health.

Whatever I come across I try to look at it from 3 angles:

  • What is the mechanism, how does it work?
  • Is it supported or contradicted by RTC’s / epidemiology? A mechanism is fine but does it work out that way in real life?
  • Does it make sense in the light of our evolution? Why does it work that way?

I am by no means someone with a medical nor biochemical background. As an IT analyst however, it does help me to continuously raise the questions how and why. It works in a certain way and there is a reason for it. The reason is not always so straightforward and neither is the how because you may be looking at an effect that is perhaps, within the bigger picture, a negligible fact. But that is what makes the discovery interesting, fun and continuous.

I hope you will enjoy the discoveries together with me to learn new insights and progress our understanding of the machine that is our body. In the end, we can adjust our lifestyle to fit what is optimal for our body.

After all, we don’t put diesel in the fuel tank of an aircraft so why should we do the same to our body?


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