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We are shaped by nature

Looking at our body and how it works, let’s try and find out why it works that way.

  • The fat storage system

    14 February 2021 by

    Perhaps not a very sexy name but why name it something else than what it is? After studying the functioning of our lipoproteins for a good 2 years (and still not finished learning!), it has finally become clear what those lipoprotein are meant for. As complex as it may be, the end goal is really… Read more

  • LDL as part of the immune system

    13 March 2023 by

    Not many people know that the LDL particles which are floating around in our body play an active role in our immune system. I know of the gram-negative bacteria being captured because their endotoxin, lipopolysaccharide (LPS) binds to LPS-binding protein (LBP) via HDL particles (a good reason to have high HDL) and then transfers it… Read more

  • Ketones support the failing heart and may help repair it

    8 January 2023 by

    I noticed that in the past few years there is quite a bit of research coming out investigating the effect of beta-hydroxybutyrate on a failing heart. It seems that a failing heart somehow increases the production of ketones which it then consumes to support its function. As this is picking up attention in the scientific… Read more

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