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We are shaped by nature

Looking at our body and how it works, let’s try and find out why it works that way.

  • The fat storage system

    14 February 2021 by

    Perhaps not a very sexy name but why name it something else than what it is? After studying the functioning of our lipoproteins for a good 2 years (and still not finished learning!), it has finally become clear what those lipoprotein are meant for. As complex as it may be, the end goal is really… Read more

  • Endurance training

    13 November 2022 by

    My most favorite sport is cycling and being an enthusiast on understanding energy metabolism, there’s an interesting triangle to form with the field of ketosis and sport performance. I originally started with thinking there’s a performance benefit when combining eating low carb with endurance due to the higher level of fat burning achieved and possible… Read more

  • Heat acclimation & ketogenic diet

    22 August 2022 by

    What does heat acclimation do to ketogenesis or is there any effect of the ketogenic diet on heat acclimation that is different from a more common SAD diet?   I recently have been exposed to a hot climate and observed some weight loss (sweating, appetite loss, higher cycling mileage, …) and what felt like a reduction… Read more

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