Designed By Nature

We are shaped by nature

Looking at our body and how it works, let’s try and find out why it works that way.

  • The fat storage system

    14 February 2021 by

    Perhaps not a very sexy name but why name it something else than what it is? After studying the functioning of our lipoproteins for a good 2 years (and still not finished learning!), it has finally become clear what those lipoprotein are meant for. As complex as it may be, the end goal is really… Read more

  • Rebuttal of the Lipid Energy Model hypothesis

    27 May 2022 by

    On the 20th of May 2022, the Lipid Energy Model (LEM) was published in an attempt to explain the drastic elevation seen in LDL-c amongst lean individuals who are on a high fat diet with low carbohydrates. The purpose of this rebuttal is to open up discussion on some aspects of the hypothesis so that… Read more

  • A world dominated by psychopaths

    1 March 2022 by

    Our gut feeling says this is not the most ideal vision.  Yet, with what I am about to unravel, this is exactly the path we are on.  This article will be big and lengthy because I want you to grasp the full extent of the reach, the ideas and the consequences.  This is about your… Read more

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