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What drives me…

“Read not to contradict and confute; nor to believe and take for granted; nor to find talk and discourse; but to weigh and consider.”

— Francis Bacon

I was living a healthy life according to the guidelines.  Sportive (cycling, running, snowboarding, hiking), whole grain food with lots of vegetables, not a lot of meat, daily fruit intake and certainly avoid the fat on meat.  My sportive activities were fueled with the regular energy bar and sports drink.  Ask any doctor and I would be doing the right things for about 90%.

Yet I became sick.  After my cycling activities or after longer walks I started to tremble and sweat severely.  It was getting worse and worse.  Doctor visits didn’t help and declared me healthy.  Something was wrong, you know your own body, so it drove me to investigate.  A crucial change came when I got hold of a glucose monitor.  This showed me I had hypoglycemic events.  That is all I needed to know to start asking questions.  Why did I have a drop in glucose?  What regulates glucose?  I had other pointers as well.. Why did I experience it almost consistently after cycling?  Why did I have it also on these long walks?  What causes the trembling and sweating? This is the point where the quote comes in handy. Don’t just believe the information what is out there. Go for quality, the actual source of the information, and puzzle it together from there. Make sure the pieces fit by looking at the overall system and validate from different angles –> Weigh and consider.

From there, gradually the medical knowledge unraveled itself in front of me.  It became sort of an addiction because it stimulates my analytical mind.

This keen interest prepared me for an even bigger challenge that started this year.  I was diagnosed with a rare form of Hodgkin lymphoma.  My interest already expanded from answering the hypoglycemic event towards cellular biology.  One of the ways you can learn to understand how things work is by looking at what happens when it fails to work properly.  This already introduced me to several subjects such as Alzheimer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer and so on.  As soon as I got my diagnosis, I knew what to look for, where to look for and how to treat myself. 

The treatment showed positive effects such as reduced activity and reduced volume on the last PET scan. This knowledge and the ability to cure oneself from these problems should be in public hands.  Because I was able to gain access to the information, I want to help others to understand what I find and what to adjust to achieve true health because the guidelines that I was following were not leading me to health, they are leading to disease.

Neither will they work for you.


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