Rebuttal of the Lipid Energy Model hypothesis

On the 20th of May 2022, the Lipid Energy Model (LEM) was published in an attempt to explain the drastic elevation seen in LDL-c amongst lean individuals who are on a high fat diet with low carbohydrates. The purpose of this rebuttal is to open up discussion on some aspects of the hypothesis so thatContinue reading “Rebuttal of the Lipid Energy Model hypothesis”

A world dominated by psychopaths

Our gut feeling says this is not the most ideal vision.  Yet, with what I am about to unravel, this is exactly the path we are on.  This article will be big and lengthy because I want you to grasp the full extent of the reach, the ideas and the consequences.  This is about yourContinue reading “A world dominated by psychopaths”

Cerebral glycogen levels influence endurance capacity

A recent paper was published in which Timothy Noakes PhD reviewed current evidence on what sustains endurance and came to the conclusion it is not based on muscle fatigue but rather on something unknown that does involve the brain. “What Is the Evidence That Dietary Macronutrient Composition Influences Exercise Performance? A Narrative Review” WhenContinue reading “Cerebral glycogen levels influence endurance capacity”

Go vegan, save the animals???

From the moment humanity developed agriculture, it allowed populations to expand but it wasn’t until the industrial evolution that our population saw an explosive growth. The extraction of energy was a turning point but it was only possible to sustain that population if humans managed to secure the equally explosive demand for food. Obviously humansContinue reading “Go vegan, save the animals???”

Freeing the brain

I have been interested in the brain for a while, its capacities, functioning, its role within the body. Youtube at some point presented me some videos about psilocybin. After some more information, checking safety and addiction, it seemed safe and non-addictive so I gave it a try. The first time amazed me so I gaveContinue reading “Freeing the brain”


People may be affected by a fatty deposition in the eyelids. The effect is more easily seen in people who have elevated levels of cholesterol and is therefor sometimes used as a marker of hyperlipidemia. But I’m not interested in hyperlipidemia although I keep it in mind that lipid deposition is part of the pathology.Continue reading “Xanthelasma”

The misunderstanding of endurance adaptation and how to train all muscle types together

There are plenty of articles that explain much more in detail the different muscle fiber types and how to train for endurance or how to build muscle so I won’t go into those details. What I do want to address is the issue with getting both trained at the same time. First, the problem withContinue reading “The misunderstanding of endurance adaptation and how to train all muscle types together”

The bigger picture on fat-adaptation

A paradigm shift in understanding I’ve looked into various topics related to metabolism and what a high fat diet changes versus high carb. Topics such as heat production, weight management, ATP production, protein sparing, lactate, BHB, glycogen, starvation, evolution, bone health and collagen cross-links specifically, pyruvate etc.. have come together in a meaningful way. WhatContinue reading “The bigger picture on fat-adaptation”

Bone health on a ketogenic diet

Pulling the final plug on attacks Attacks? I follow up on all published papers related to ketogenesis and although the execution may be done correctly and data may be generated correctly.. the circumstances are often specific and the conclusions are stretched beyond the scope of what the data is representing or can represent. All toContinue reading “Bone health on a ketogenic diet”

The intimate triad glycogen – lactate – beta-hydroxybutyrate

There is a close relationship between glycogen, lactate and beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB) that I would like to highlight in this post. Although it looks like a simple relationship, it has important implications. There is more to cover but I’ll focus on the acute phase. The essence A first scenario, no matter the available fuel type (fat,Continue reading “The intimate triad glycogen – lactate – beta-hydroxybutyrate”

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