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I think it would be good to start my blogs with a disclaimer that I can refer to at all times.

Since most topics will result in an understanding of how things work and how we can influence that through our lifestyle, people will make decisions that most certainly can have an impact on their health. Good or bad!

You should know I’m not a doctor and any recommendations would come from the idea of what I would do under those circumstances. I do not know your full circumstances neither can I decide for you what you should do.

I do not have a medical education nor do I pretend to know everything so you can be sure I will miss out on things because the body is hugely complex. I’ll do my best to mitigate but inevitably … I will make mistakes.

So the key message is, I try and provide information but you still have to verify if what I’m saying fully makes sense, whether it applies to you or not or how you can make use of it.

That said, I’m always open for your input. If you do something with my information and it didn’t work out as expected, do let me know by leaving a message under the articles.

Thank you for understanding this and I hope you reach your goals.


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